Get Back in the Game

Living Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Darrin Yeager


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When trials arrive, it’s a myth you’ll rise to the occasion, rather you’ll sink to your level of preparation. If you’re bringing (metaphorically) a knife to a gun-fight, you’ve set yourself up as a pig going to slaughter. It’s time to get back in the game, because preparedness only comes from training and effort.

The failure to prepare isn’t a new trend, as Israel faced a similar problem. After one of their captivities, a few decided to return to the Holy Land to build the temple. Naturally, enemies began to attack, and the builders withered, gave up, and quit. The battle’s too hard, we’re tired, let someone else do it, it’s not the right time, and so on, as they rationalized excuses for quitting.

It’s the same problem Christians face today, so we’ll require the same solution Israel did, as Zechariah and Haggai appear about the same time to encourage the people to rejoin the battle, providing practical advice you can still use today. It’s time to do something, transforming from a 98-pound spiritual weakling to a seasoned and combat-ready Christian, because Christianity is — and always will be — a full-contact experience (whether you know it or not).

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Darrin Yeager is an author and Bible teacher studying the Bible from a scientific perspective. In addition to the Bible, his work examines scientific and political issues and their relation to Christianity. Many messages are available on his web site free of charge in MP3 format.

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