The Troubled Church

A Study in 1 Corinthians

Darrin Yeager


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The Corinthians had their share of problems, among them marriage and divorce, divisions, pride, legalism, spiritual gifts, immorality, and more. Unfortunately the church hasn’t learned from Paul’s letter as the same mistakes repeat over and over … and over.

Have you considered how people outside the church view these distractions? Have you talked to someone who refuses to enter church again due to the actions of Christians? If Christians should be “little Christs” in their actions, this response reveals much about the state of the church — and it’s not good. When considered in that light, both the problems in Corinth as well as Paul’s correction take on new importance, demanding new focus from a fresh study.

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“He offers a book that offers a comprehensive look at the culture, the problem being addresed, a verse by verse study, and a priceless application tool that reveals timeless truths for us to consider. Mr. Yeager has skillfully managed to guide us through a very difficult and often misunderstood passage.” ~ Pastor Shane Moffitt

“Brutal Honesty on A Troubled Church ... His chapter on division and carnality is tough reading! True. Raw. Honest. Total Brutality. I cringed as I saw myself in his words.” ~ T. Richards

“He is not afraid to deal with the tough issues such as divorce and spiritual gifts, and presents them in such a way that, while you may not agree with him, you cannot question the fact that his conclusions are drawn from the text.” ~ Jack Gandy

About the Author

Darrin Yeager is an author and Bible teacher studying the Bible from a scientific perspective. In addition to the Bible, his work examines scientific and political issues and their relation to Christianity. Many messages are available on his web site free of charge in MP3 format.

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